His education: life

Educated in the school of life, this Bolivian artist began his  rise in popularity in 1979.

After discovering music intuitively Willy Claure began an extensive career making his work known in both traditional and popular music genres, as well as in the more contemporary musical traditions of Latin America.

Willy has established the “Cueca” as the fundamental musical style for his inspiration and the development of a traditional musical expression. He has given the “Cueca” (a musical dance form between couples) his personal perspective based fundamentally on the melody taking a non-traditional direction.

Along with  Jaime Saenz, one of the most mythical literary writers of the 20th Century in Bolivia, he coauthored, “No Le Digas”,   considered one of the most beautiful musical pieces in contemporary Bolivian music. Willy has not only enhanced the continual/ongoing traditional form of the cueca, but with the passing of time has sought to foster and perpetuate the evolution and beauty of this musical expression placing “The Bolivian Cueca”  on an even keel  with other contemporary compositions in Latin America.

Willy has been permanently involved not only as a musical artist and composer but also as a leader in promoting the Cueca¨ throughout  the World.

In the year 2018,  he was named Bolivias Official "Cueca Ambassador" and "Homeland Ambassador" by the Bolivian State, representing the Ministries of Communication and Culture. Henceforth becoming an Official Representative of State and Country.

His artistic endevours take place between Switzerland and Bolivia, particularly in the bolivian City of Cochabamba, where he founded and presides over the “Fundación Cultural Cueca Boliviana”.

In his thesis with which he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology he states: “La Cueca, is a South American musical expression, whose heritage and common good is shared by those people that shelter it. There is no single and exclusive owner of it, this dance is Peruvian, it is Chilean, it is Bolivian, it is Argentine, it is Mexican, etc. and it belongs to all people who feel it as their own and claim it for themselves ”.

Willy Claure

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