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He discovered music from his own sensibility. It appears in Bolivia, loaded with a vast intuitive musical potential. In 1979, he began his extensive artistic career, sowing his works from the traditional-popular to the contemporary spaces. It carries with it its musical banner: "La Cueca Boliviana", its genuine and fundamental means of inspiration and expression.

Willy, initiates a new form of interpretation of the Bolivian cueca, (the same that traditionally is a dance rhythm of couple) taking it by a personal direction, non-traditional, based mainly on the melody.

In the beautiful cueca "Do not Tell", shares authorship with one of the most outstanding Bolivian writers of the twentieth century, the mythical Jaime Sáenz.

Willy, is not only cultist of the "traditional Bolivian" underwear; With the passage of the years was looking for the beautification and evolution of this cultural expression, until emparentarla with the greatest contemporary Latin American compositions.

His score book "30 Bolivian pieces for guitar", is a starting point in the great musical schools of Bolivia and many of his works, are obligatory pieces in diverse competitions of guitar, constituting thus a valuable contribution to the musical heritage of the country.

On November 30, 2015, National Law 764 was enacted declaring the "Bolivian Cueca, Cultural and Intangible Heritage of the Plurinational State of Bolivia", which, on its own initiative, annually establishes the first Sunday of October as "El Día de The Bolivian Cueca ".

Currently, he performs as a soloist or accompanied by high level musicians and also with the National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia. This talented exponent of Latin American guitar, displays his art in different stages of the world, leaving his valuable legacy to the step of his walk.

Willy Claure

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